About Us

Dr. Babu Jagjivan Ram Leather Industries Development Corporation Ltd. formerly known as Karnataka Leather Industries Development Corporation Ltd (LIDKAR) was established by Government of Karnataka in the year 1976 with the main objective of overall development of Leather Industry in Karnataka and up-liftment of Socio-economic conditions of Leather Artisans in the state. The administrative control of the Corporation is now under the purview Social Welfare Department. The Corporation has taken up various Developmental and Commercial programmes keeping in view the above objectives.

More than 50,000 Artisans have been assisted so far through various such programmes. Below is a brief of the proposed developmental activities to be undertaken for the benefit of SC leather Artisans:
  1. Training Programme

    1. Awareness programmes
    2. Training camps in footwear & leather goods making for Income generating & livelihood
    3. Study tour / Industrial visits to acquaint with modern technology
    4. Human Resource & Skill Development Programme
    5. Modern skill development training cum production centers
  2. Self Employment Programmes

    1. Providing Marketing linkage by providing Modern KIOSKS (pic)
    2. Providing Wayside cabins to rural artisans
    3. Direct sales outlets (Neera marata Malige) to SHGs of Leather Artisans
  3. Business promotion activities

    1. Special Offers during Festive seasons to promote artisan products
    2. Sale of Artisan products through Mobile Vans
  4. Infrastructure Development

    1. Establishment of R & D centers
    2. Providing Living cum-work sheds
    3. Establishment of Mini Leather park in thrust areas
  5. Welfare Programmes

    1. Insurance coverage to Artisans
    2. Death fund
    3. Leather craft week & presentation of Awards to Artisans

Genuine leather footwear and other Leather items are being manufactured by leather artisans & SSI units under the guidance of R & D center of LIDKAR. The corporation markets leather products manufactured by Artisans and SSI Units under LIDKAR's Brand name through a network of 24 retail outlets spread across all major cities & exhibition-cum-sales. Institutional sales are provided to Govt. Departments, Private and Public Sector Companies.

More than 300 Artisans and 100 SSI Units are covered under the corporation's Marketing Assistance Scheme.

Our Vision

  • Training of artisans in modern leather technology.
  • Cluster development for Artisans.
  • Design & Development promotion through strong R & D.
  • Establishment of Mini Leather Parks in thrust areas across the state.
  • Provide strong Backward & Forward marketing linkages to artisans.
  • Welfare programmes

Our Mission

  • To play a key supporting role on behalf of the Government in uplifting the socio-economic standard of leather artisans.
  • To provide technical and marketing facilities to leather artisans.
  • To expand retail network in the State for sale of genuine leather products made by artisans.
  • To create marketing network within and outside the State.
  • To play the role of nodal agency of Govt. of India & Govt. of Karnataka in implementing various developmental schemes for SC artisans